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The Research, innovation and development is an inevitable process/ activity for a professional to apply and transform his/her expertise into a product/ service to the society. Research and Development is an important activity towards achieving academic excellence. Recognizing this, St. Peter’s Engineering College has set up a separate Research and Development cell to develop and nurture research activities at the college.

  • To create research awareness among the faculty and student.
  • To establish links with different Industries, R&D organizations, which provide funding for research activities.
  • To enhance the research awareness by conducting various National level and International level workshops and conferences and guest lectures.
  • To conduct various inter college and inter department competitions for students.

Vision and Mission


To nurture research culture in the college by promoting research in new emerging and challenging areas of Engineering, science and humanities, thereby encouraging students and faculty to undertake research in frontier areas of Engineering, Science and Humanities.


  • To create awareness and opportunities in Research and Development among the students & faculty and to create Research and Development atmosphere in every department.

  • To motivate the staff members to take up Research projects and improve their knowledge, skills and qualifications by registering Ph.D’s.

  • To form R&D groups among the faculty members and encourage members to take up R&D activities in the area of their specialization.

  • To encourage staff members and students to publish technical papers in National and reputed International Conferences/Journals.

  • To encourage faculty members of all disciplines in Engineering/Science and Humanities in R&D activities for their professional growth.

  • To undertake research activities and development projects offered by agencies such as ISRO, DRDO, CSIRO, DST, AICTE, UGC, other corporate.

  • To assist the students to apply funding for conducting research under students' project scheme to various funding agencies like IEEE, IEI(I), DRDO, TCS, Infosys etc.

  • To assist for applying and getting funds for conducting Seminar/Workshop/FDP from various available funding agencies.

  • To facilitate the growth of research activity among the academic community, including developing mechanisms and targets to achieve this.

  • To develop and coordinate strategies for maximizing the faculty success in gaining external research funding.

  • To maintain and disseminate current information about relevant research policy areas and initiatives in government, in the professions and in relevant industries, including external funding opportunities.

  • To develop strategies to foster research collaborations within the faculty, across faculty and institutes, and with agencies outside the college.

  • To work with various departments to establish and develop faculty research priorities on inter-disciplinary areas.


Short Term Goals

  1. Promote entrepreneurial culture among students.

  2. Setup entrepreneurship cell for students interaction and industry participation.

  3. Organize seminars and workshops for regional students and promote entrepreneur culture.

  4. Collaborate with MNCs, R&D organizations and other academic institutions for research and development activities.

Long Term Goals

  1. Establish collaboration with reputed Govt. Organizations, academic institutions and industries and create a network that can enable students to actively participate and pursue their entrepreneurial interests.

  2. Carry out collaborative research and development activities with reputed International University, and setup state of the art innovation labs that can help students to build their products.

  3. Provide a platform for students to develop innovative products with global recognition and generate business opportunities.

  4. Generate revenues through licensing and technology transfer.

  5. Setup of patent cell to enable students and faculty for search and document patent application forms for filling.


February 11/12,2016 - Two day workshop on "ARM 7&8051 microprocessor

January 28/30,2016 - A view cordinator for National Conference on high performance computing conducted by Amal Jyothi College of Engineering,Kerala

Journal Publications

Committee Members

S.No Name Department Designation
1. Dr.Y. Rajasree Rao Electronics and Communication Co-Ordinator
2. Dr.Ms.Seshukumari Computer Science and Engineering Member
3. Mr.Pardhu Electronics and Communication Member
4. Mr.Naveen Electronics and Electrical Member
5.. Dr.Dhanasree Humanities and Sciences Member
6. Mr.Praveen Kumar Mechanical Member
7. Mr.Pradeep Civil Member

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Dr Y.Rajasree Rao

Dr Y.Rajasree Rao,

Professor and Dean
St. Peter’s Engineering College,
Maisammaguda, opp AP Forest Academy,Hhoolapally (PO),
Medchal (M),R.R.Dist-500 014, Telengana.

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