St.Peter’s Engineering College is having 180 Mbps Internet connections, locally networked and connected through Wi-Fi. All the Laboratories of different department are having Internet facility connected through intelligent switches. The entire college campus covered with 28 Wi-Fi Access points to access Internet and Intranet educational resources.

     With this addition the college will provide internet and intranet access to all students for instructional purpose on par with colleges internationally

1. Available Internet connection:

  • Appollo online services (50mbps).
  • I-on online services (50mbps).
  • BSNL Line 1(40mbps).
  • BSNL Line 2(40mbps).

2. Wi-Fi facilities:

  • The department corridors are connected with wireless LAN infrastructure through the Access point.
  • 12 Wi-Fi Access points connected across the campus for Students.


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