About the Institute


Established in 2007 in Hyderabad (Telangana) and ranked 12th Best Engineering College in the Telangana State (by Times of India), 8th in respect of placements all over India, and 26th among the academically best engineering colleges all over India (by Higher Education Review, New Delhi), St. Peter’s Engineering College a UGC Autonomous college is one among the foremost engineering colleges in India. It is a Premium Institutional Member of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) and NASSCOM. It is a AICTE-approved “BMQR” ISO 9001 certified engineering college affiliated with Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University, Hyderabad (JNTUH).

With officially 3000 students currently on the roll, St. Peter’s Engineering College professes to impart an all-around and insightful quality education to its students bolstered by advanced technological support and facilities. Plans are underway to transform the lecture halls into global classrooms, a stepping stone to which would be the introduction of e-classrooms.

Spread over 10 acres of lush green area bordering picturesque hills, this college does not limit itself to the use of conventional ways of teaching and learning methods but encourages self-learning, explorations, and experimental and original research aptitudes. With IEEE Student Chapter, ISTE Student Chapter, CSI Chapter, and nature club, this college places due emphasis on extra-curricular activities, so much needed for all-around development of a student. In the same vein, canteen facilities are provided with a view to providing the students nutritious meal and an opportunity to relax refresh and rejuvenate themselves. Various clubs at St Peter's will develop the students’ internal personal skills that are required for their lifelong learning.

The campus hosts a newly renovated conference hall with a seating capacity of around 1000 people. It also has a newly constructed lecture gallery with a seating capacity of more than 200 people, all of which are equipped with unhindered power supply, led projectors, fully furnished discussion rooms, and interview panel rooms.

To facilitate regular commuting to the college, the facility of availing a fleet of modern buses with comfortable seating arrangements, the security whereof is managed by highly skilled personnel, and which transports from various pick-up points, is offered.  

In order to supplement cut-and-dry theoretical knowledge with sound practical knowledge, faculty members and students are encouraged to take up in-house industry-related projects, apart from exploring solutions to intricate intellectual problems in advanced technological laboratories. With a view to providing proper scaffolding related to employment, exposures to the corporate world are arranged for by means of the organization of industry visits, workshops, seminars, and expert visits from various fore ranking relevant industries.

In acknowledgment of the fact that mere domain knowledge is not enough to survive in a competitive world, the Modern English Language Laboratory seeks to address issues related to effective communication, critical thinking, social orientation, and interpersonal skills. Pre-placement training and career-oriented training programmes will help the student in the overall development

St. Peter’s Engineering College advocates ever-expanding technological progress and development and a quest for innovation and challenge, as symbolically suggested by the wheel in its emblem, and also inspiration, guidance, constructive imagination, and insights, as symbolized by the wings in the emblem.


Vision and Mission


          To be a renowned Educational Institution that moulds Students into Skilled Professionals fostering Technological Development, Research, and Entrepreneurship meeting societal needs.



      IM1     Making students knowledgeable in the field of core and applied areas of Engineering to innovate Technological solutions to the problems in the Society.

      IM2     Training the Students to impart the skills in cutting edge technologies, with the help of relevant stakeholders.

   IM3  Fostering a conducive ambiance that inculcates research attitude, identifying promising fields for entrepreneurship with ethical, moral, and social responsibilities.



St.Peter's Engineering College Strives to establish a system of quality assurance to continuously address monitor and evaluate the quality of education offered to students, thus promoting effective teaching-learning processes for the benefit of our students and making our institution a center of excellence for engineering and technological studies.



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