• Chairman

     Chairman (Shantha Educational Society)Mr. T. Bala Reddy

    St. peter’s engineering college was Established by the eminent philanthropist Sri. T Bala Reddy under the aegis of Sri Shantha Educational Society (SES) is second to none in providing high quality education in engineering. His high service orientation, philanthropic & holistic attitude led to the establishment of various educational institutions at TELANGANA.

    Sri Shantha Educational Society stood best among the equals because of its perseverance and hard work. The temples of learning associated with it are committed to providing positive & creative learning environment that would transform budding professionals into technology innovators and market leaders of next generation. SPEC aims to achieve academic excellence through its improved teaching pedagogy that includes classroom interaction, case discussion, seminars by various industry experts and eminent academicians, hands-on training, group discussions and role-play, workshops, and employability training, etc.

    The Shanta Educational Society have developed a profound understanding of the challenges in the education sector as well as of the needs of various communities and stakeholders across Telangana. This has resulted in the convergence of the Trusts’ diverse and collective expertise that goes into strengthening not only student education but the entire education sector as well.

    The Society strive to strike a balance between programmatic and advocacy interventions. Ensuring quality education for all children. The focus is not just on age-and-grade-appropriate learning in curricular subjects such as language and mathematics; it is also on leveraging 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaborative learning and the use of technology to promote learning – skills that ensure effective participation in a vibrant democracy.

    The focus of Society’s educational strategies is also to democratise the functioning of educational institutions, enabling communities to take ownership of these institutions, and hold them accountable. All stakeholders, management, Faculty, Students, parents – are encouraged to work together towards a common goal. The approach is to deepen conversations with NGOs, convene like-minded parties around specific causes and create a strategy for convergence that will help achieve scale at national level. Given its sheer breadth and depth of engagement, the Trusts aim to play a vital role at the fulcrum of the sector, to not just level the Education field, but also to keep raising the bar of excellence. 

    In the next phase, The Shantha Society aim to see more active engagement across portfolios – livelihoods, health, child protection, and water & sanitation – all of which are intrinsically linked with education. The Society’s educational interventions are implemented through thematic initiatives that seek to address specific gaps in the education sector in a comprehensive manner.

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