Vice President (Shantha Educational Society): Mrs.T. Saroja Reddy

    As a society, the world and the very existence is incomplete without women. Females are natural creators, who share a sense of inclusivity which the world invariable longs for. Indeed, the number of phenomenal women who have made their contribution in uplifting the Indian society is endless. So many women work day in and day without any expectations. Many names go unheard. These unsung heroics are slowly transforming the face of the country.

                The Honourable Vice president of our society, Mrs. T Saroja Reddy has been a source of inspiration and motivation. She believes that “Educators must reflect upon current practices and policies and identify ways to transform education to address a myriad of challenges in an increasingly complex world.”

    Acquiring knowledge and understanding of gender relations and the ways in which these relations may be changed.

    • Developing a sense of self-worth, a belief in one’s ability to secure desired changes and the right to control one’s life.
    • Gaining the ability to generate choices exercise bargaining power
    • Developing the ability to organize and influence the direction of social change, to create a more    
    • just social and economic order, nationally and internationally.
    • Besides education, she involved herself in several social service activities.

    She completed her M.Tech in Computer Science, from the prestigious institution. She is the Backbone of the computer science Department. Her visionary ideology helped the students and faculty to improve their theoretical Knowledge regarding Modern science and technology.

    The next generation of children needs to be equipped with the knowledge of global challenges and realities that our planet is facing. Education for sustainable development prepares learners with the knowledge, skills and mindset to care for our planet and its inhabitants and to find solutions to the challenges of todays and the future.


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