About IQAC




IQAC is established for continual improvement and monitoring of the long – term quality standard in academic and administrative activities after being accredited by NAAC. IQAC aims at imparting quality education in the college. IQAC is now an integral part of the college management system for strategically planning and implementing methods to improve teaching – learning and evaluation processes. It acts as an authorized channel for driving the college in the path of academic excellence by chalking out action plans for removing deficiencies and qualitatively strengthening the system. IQAC methodologically works for Quality Assurance, Quality Enhancement and Quality Evaluation in the overall deliverability of the college.

Functions of the IQAC Cell:

  • To develop quality parameters for the activities of the Institution
  • To create a student-centric teaching environment conducive to imparting quality education.
  • To solicit, format and implement feedback/ suggestions from stake holders on quality related affairs.
  • To act as a nodal agency to coordinate quality related activities in the campus.
  • To prepare annual quality assurance report (AQAR) for NAAC to be submitted at the end of each academic year.
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